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On behalf of the leaders and employees of Betonacél Szerelő Ltd.
we welcome you to our site.

In the following we would like to review the history of our company and our major activities:

  • The Betonacél Szerelő Ltd. is a company of 100% Hungarian ownership. At the time of establishment main activities were retailing and wholesaling of iron and reinforced steel products.
  • The seat of the company is located in Debrecen, at  2. Balmazújváros road. The address of our site is Budapest, 6. Varrógépgyár street. Both of our premises are capable of carrying out modern logistical operations.
  • Most of our revenue comes from shaping and on-spot assembling reinforced steel, and wholesaling of building-industry products: reinforced steel, steel tubes and structural steel.
  • Our products come with a manufacturer-issued certificate of quality.
  • The shaping of reinforced steel is performed with the latest SCHNELL automatic cutting and bending production line on the basis of the production plan given by the customer. Our Debrecen-based site operates in a 1,200 m2 indoor hall with 50 tons/day capacity, while our site in Budapest with its 5,600 m2 indoor hall has a capacity of 150 tons/day.
  • The on-spot assembly of reinforced steel is carried out by our qualified subcontractors according to the wishes of the customer.

Our future plans

We hope that after examining our profile and prices, we can welcome you as our customer, and we can develop a fruitful and long-term business relationship.



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